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ELEVEN Superstart Fertilizer by V6Ag

ELEVEN Superstart granular fertilizer has been designed for in furrow starter use with various crops. Each granule contains a balanced ratio of critical plant nutrients. This ensures maximum root interception and fertilizer use efficiency for season long vigour.


-S, Mg and all micronutrients in sulphate form for maximum in-season plant availability.

- 71lbs/cu ft. High bulk density to reduce fills at seeding time.

-Low pH in solution to maximize nutrient availability.

-Low salt index for superior seed safety.

-Thoroughly treated for anticaking, spherical and ideal for all types of seeding equipment.

ELEVEN Superstart is available to AB and Southern SK growers from our Wilcox, SK distribution centre. Product ships in loose bulk and truckloads of 1.25MT totes. Pickup is also available.

Scotia Yield More financing available.


[email protected] for pricing and availability

V6Ag is pleased to offer Timac Agro's Excelis Maxx nitrogen stabilizer to growers across SE Saskatchewan.

Protect your nitrogen investment with science!

V6 Agronomy Inc. is an independent Canadian fertilizer supplier.

Our primary objectives are the formulation of water soluble compounds and the distribution of high quality conventional fertilizers. V6 has become a proven and reliable supplier within the fertilizer sector thanks to our well established relationships with key manufacturers and supply chain experts across Europe and North America.

From cash crop farmers to greenhouse operators and lawn care providers, we are pleased to serve the AG and turf sectors across Canada.