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V6 Agronomy Inc. welcomes inquiries from wholesale purchasers of straight crop nutrients. We have production contracts in place with key European and Asian manufacturers as well as the supply chain expertise needed to effectively execute your purchase order. V6 has the capacity to provide loose bulk shipments up to 12,500 metric tonnes on CIF (LIFO) Incoterms with annual contracts up to 75,000MT. This supply option is open to capable and established wholesale buyers in Canada, Europe, US, Central and South America. Certain compound and bulk blended NPK's are also available to select geographies in loose bulk and bagged.

Please contact us directly and we will evaluate your request and set up an in-person meeting to further discuss your needs.

Granular UREA (46-0-0) 300+ SGN, min 2.5kg/granule particle strength.

DAP (18-46-0)

16-16-16 (compound) and others.