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October 2014

V6 Agro's Fall Booking Program begins October 1st. For growers and distributors seeking to book and prepay for their 2015 crop inputs before January 1st, now is the most cost effective time to do so. Historically, global fertilizer pricing is at it's lowest during the months of October through December. Shortly thereafter, prices climb across the board as our planting season approaches.

V6 can ship directly to your operation in January and February or warehouse your order until April 15th at no charge. This will ensure that you've obtained the best possible pricing of the year, and that your fertilizer is on hand and ready for application exactly when you need it! Give us a call today to book a meeting.

Our Fall Booking Program applies to all tote bagged product as well as loose bulk straights.

September 2014

Fall Booking for large volume, loose bulk orders of MAP, TSP, MOP and UREA on now until December 1st.

July 2014

Summer Booking for 2015 starter and broadcast blends begins August 1st.

Dealers seeking loose bulk volumes of MOP, TSP, MAP or DAP may book now and lock in pricing for fall delivery.

June 2014

Fall application of granular MOP (0-0-60) offers several agronomic benefits to the soil and financial benefits to the grower.

V6 is offering bulk bagged and loose bulk volumes of potash for pick up or delivery in August.

Granular Urea (46-0-0) in 1MT totes on pallets.

Call for Pricing (613) 802-2559

Loose bulk Granular Urea (46-0-0)

Minimum Order Quantity (4 MT) loaded into spreader or truck.


Narrow track spreaders available for complimentary use by local growers.