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V6 Verdura Pro™

V6 Agronomy Inc. is pleased to introduce our new line of specialized products and packaging.

Our new V6 Verdura Pro™ line of high quality, water soluble fertilizers has been developed with the professional landscape operator and turf specialist in mind. Whether you cover 1000 or 50 residential and commercial properties per season, savvy professionals know that the timely delivery of the correct ratio of nutrients directly reflects their in-season results and sets them apart from the myriad of amateurs out there.

Our commercial grade packaging is designed to withstand handling as well as moisture and like our AG lines, every single granule is treated with organic anti-caking agents.

To learn more about our new line and connect with a dealer near you, contact us by email. Please include your contact information, company name and location.

Apply V6 Verdura Pro turf fertilizers this coming season and you'll achieve the professional results that your clients deserve at a price that will keep more cash in your pocket.